Taking insect farming

to the next level

Using genetic engineering, BugEra improves the natural traits of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) to augment biomanufacturing, enables the expansion of the BSF market to novel applications and biomaterials, based on innovative circular-economy principles.

The Need

The global climate crisis, together with the growing human population presents an existential threat that has never been encountered before. Transitioning to a circular bio-economy with proper waste-management systems plays an essential role in overcoming these challenges. Expanding dynamic insect farming can potentially provide efficient nutrient recovery from diverse organic-waste streams and decrease greenhouse emissions (GHG).

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) – our hero, is a harmless fly and is the leading species in the insect farming industry because of its unique ability to upcycle organic waste from almost any origin into high-quality protein and oil sold for farm animals, aquaculture, and pet feed.

Biomass-based fuels – a family of biofuel products (biodiesel, renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel ) that decrease GHG by as much as 80%, but are dependent on unsustainable oil crops like soy, corn, and palm, which are also used for feed and food. While the demand for biofuel will grow significantly over the next five years, it is constrained by the availability of sustainable oils.

BSF oil is a perfect fit for biofuel. However, it is not commercialized due to low oil volume.

Our Innovation

BugEra leverages state-of-the-art genetic engineering to develop novel BSF strains. BugEra develops a patent-pending modified BSF platform (M-BSF Platform) that promotes the development of multiple strains for diverse verticals.

BugEra’s first product is a novel strain named BSFx2, addresses the biofuel need by doubling the larvae oil volume. This removes key economic barriers that prohibit the conversion of organic waste into an alternative, much-needed, highly sustainable oil source for the biofuel industry. This disruptive innovation facilitates the connection between the BSF and biofuel markets.

Furthermore, oil from BSFx2 can reduce the biofuel carbon footprint of currently used crops oils by 80%, generating significant carbon value for the biofuel industry while increasing organic-waste recycling.

M-BSF Plaform


Novel Strains


Doubles the volume of
larvae oil


Biodiesel, renewable diesel
and sustainable aviation fuel

The Markets

BugEra – innovative circular-economy principles

BSF Market

To date, there are over 75 BSF farming companies operating farms in diverse capacities, the largest is able to treat 250 tons of organic waste per day. All of them are focused on producing components for animal-feed formulations.
The BSF market is expanding rapidly and by 2033 it will reach $4 billion with a CAGR for ~30%.
BugEra’s disruptive innovation enable’s BSF farming to expand to novel markets while supporting the biofuel market demand.

Benefits for the BSF Market

A premium oil for biofuel with double the volume

Opening new markets with increased profitability

Utilizing new substrates while decreasing operational costs

“Plug-and-Play” based on existing protocols and technologies


(Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel)

By 2026, the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) estimates that the production of biofuel will increase by 83%, resulting in twice the demand for biofuel crop oil (soy, corn and palm) in less than five years. The market is constrained by sustainable oil availability, and without innovation in lipid supply, the biofuel industry will create major competition between food and fuel. If BSF oil can capture just 1% of the lipid demand by 2026, it would present an opportunity of nearly $1 billion.

Benefits for the Biofuel Market 

Novel, proven high-quality lipids for biofuel

Sustainable & price competitive feedstock

Double sustainability premium

Elastic supply


One of the 10 largest global oil companies – Product Market Fit

A leading UK and Singapore-based investment group focused on sustainable investing in global emerging markets

Leading investor in multiple BSF and biotech companies

  • Multiple grants
  • BugEra takes a leading part in the Israel Innovation Authority “BSF Israel True Circular Economy”


BugEra’s core technology – the M-BSF platform and the BSFx2 targets the biofuel
market while addressing at least four UN SDGs.

The M-BSF Platform is BugEra’s core technology for future biodegradable biopesticide that supports resilient agriculture while increasing productivity.

Novel and highly sustainable lipids for cleaner fossil-fuel production.

Upcycling more organic and non-feed grade organic waste for sustainable products and expanding circular economy principles

Our technology fundamentally expands the circular economy and reduces GHG emissions from current organic-waste management and liquid fuels.

We believe, that the potential of Insect farming (InsecTech), and BSF in particular, is far from being realized. Our strains are enablers for huge potential growth for a carbon negative future by enhancing organic waste upcycling, adopting innovative circular economy principles that take bioeconomy and biomanufacturing to the next level.


BugEra was selected to take part in a new Israeli consortium backed by the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA)
NoCamels: BugEra is developing a breakthrough technology have twice the amount of oil in their bodies for biofuel

Dr. Anna Melkov - BugEra visioner, CTO and co founder was finalist in Women In AgriTech competition -June 2021

About BugEra

BugEra (Bugheera) – Insect Biotechnology for a sustainable future – is an USA / Israeli start-up based in Beer Sheva, originating from Ben-Gurion University’s (BGU) Life Science Department. BugEra visioner and mind is Dr. Anna Melkov (the company CTO), a Golda-Meir scholarship award and insect genetics expert founded the company with two co-founders – Prof. Uri Abdu (the company CSO) – Founder & Head of the Insect Genetics Lab Ben Gurion University (since 2004 ) and Yoav Etgar (the CEO) a retired LTC from the Israeli Air force a seasoned leader and execution expert in global operations.
The fourth member in BugEra management team is Dr. Yoni Alcalay – head of R&D. Yoni an ecologist and biologist by training with vast experience in entomological research in genetics, behavioral and reproductive aspects.